Price Negotiations

Buyers want to pay as little as possible for the home they purchase. Buyers in slower markets are definitely looking to score a bargain. Buyers in a seller’s market, however, are vulnerable. My job is to properly market your home and maximize its competitive position and then to help you pick the best offer.

If we play our cards right and the market cooperates, we’ll be in the enviable position of having multiple offers to entertain. I will very carefully review each offer, contact and query the selling agents who have submitted the top offers, contact and interview the lenders behind those top offers, and summarize all this information in a comprehensive, but condensed spreadsheet. I’ll then present this data to you and help you analyze the offers. We’ll want to choose the best offer–not necessarily the highest price offer, but the one that presents the highest likelihood of actually closing at the highest price, without much if any concession on your part.

Some negotiations are short and sweet, while others can involve multiple counter offers over terms and conditions–price, perhaps, but also closing costs, items included in the sale, contingency periods, down payment, deposit amounts, title & escrow office, lender, and more. My job is to work with my sellers to know your wants and needs and to tailor the negotiation appropriately. My goal is to get you the best deal, plain and simple.