Loan Application Checklist

Complete an online Loan Application (typically 20-30 minutes)

Current & prior year’s W2s

Last 2 year’s FILED personal federal tax returns (all pages and schedules)

One month of pay stubs

Stubs for SSI or other retirement income & most recent “Award Letter” for all retirement income (if applicable)

Most recent 2 months asset statements (i.e. checking, savings, IRA, 401K, Pension, Stock/bond accounts, CD accounts etc.)–all pages

Copy of your drivers license and social security card

IF you currently Own Property lender will need the ADDITIONAL following information:

Current Mortgage Statement for each property you own

Insurance DEC page for each property you own

Copy of all lease agreements for all rental properties you own

HOA Statement for each property you own if applicable


Once you are pre-approved, to ensure the smoothest transaction possible, my lender will help guide you and advise you. It’s very important during your home shopping process to avoid the following unless you speak with lender first:

1) Do not take any UNPAID time off work

2) Do not open any new accounts such as credit card accounts, car loans etc.

3) Do not charge large amounts on your credit cards

4) Do not move money around in your accounts

5) Do not change jobs

6) Do not let anyone run your credit

Always check with lender before depositing money into your accounts other than your normal payroll…. This includes cash deposits.

If you ever have questions about what you should or should not do or you are unsure of, always check with lender first…. It could make the difference between getting your loan funded vs. denied.