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Notable Blog Topics

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Articles of Interest

Fun Upgrades to Work on Before Putting Your Home On the Market

Prospective homebuyers generally know what they’re looking for when they start shopping for a house to buy, but what if you threw some clever additions in the mix to convince them that your house was their next home?

Cool new upgrades can be a great selling point in real estate. Even the simplest of projects can persuade a buyer to consider your home over another. But what kind of additions are we talking about?

Take a look at our quick and easy list of suggestions and see which options you prefer. Most are easy, DIY things you can get done yourself without the help of professionals. Then, when it’s time for your Realtor to book showings, they can point out the areas you’ve improved that other homes may not have.

Remove fake drawers, now!

Most kitchens have fake drawers amongst their cabinetry. Why? Because it completes the overall look. No one wants to see a blank space of paint or stain when the remaining island and kitchen cabinet areas are filled with drawers and doors, it just wouldn’t look right.

Instead of letting those fake drawers exist for no purpose, remove them and make the space functional. A good example would be to insert a paper towel holder. That way your paper towels are off the counter and tucked away, unable to get wet or dirty up on the countertops.

Install recessed outlets in your living room.

Have you ever been fully aggravated that your living room furniture does not directly line up with the wall? Prospective buyers will have that annoyance agitate them upon moving in, too.

Think about installing recessed outlets behind the couch and television stands prior to putting your house up for sale. That way there’s no slight space between the furniture and the wall – a good way to avoid small toys from getting stuck behind.

Hang a projector in the finished basement.

At home movie theaters are all the rave today, so make it that much easier for the new homeowners to have a superb setup by hanging a 3D projector. From there, they can decide what type of seating arrangement to set up and where to put the snacks and beverages.

This addition is fun for the whole family and for guests alike. Don’t forget to pair the new projector with awesome speakers for the new homeowners to fully enjoy.

Consider slide out drawers for the pantry/kitchen areas.

Slide out drawers are the bomb dot com for housing spices, sauces, and oils. Realistically speaking, all it takes is one or two alongside the stove or tucked away in the pantry area.

This is a great way to keep everything neat and organized, away from the countertops where clutter usually builds up.

Put an outdoor shower in the backyard.

This suggestion is especially helpful if you live by a lake or beach. It’s also convenient if you have an inground or above ground pool in the backyard.

Oftentimes, you don’t want the kids or guests to come into the house with sand on their feet, seaweed on their legs, and chlorine all over the place. You prefer if water enters your home it’s just pure water. That’s where an outdoor shower comes in, and we’re sure the next homeowner will appreciate this subtle addition.

Place it somewhere convenient so that people aren’t going out of their way to use it, like on the side corner of the house.

Install a slide-away step to your bathroom baseboard.

A slide-away step at the bathroom baseboard is much easier to maintain than a short footstool. Why? Because footstools have to be stored somewhere and bathroom baseboard steps can just slide in and slide out when need be.

The best part about a slide-away step is that your little ones will now be able to easily access the sink for teeth brushing and hand washing reasons.